How We Charge

We innovate in legal services fee models to meet your needs. Our objective is to adjust our business model so that you get the legal support you need to succeed. We offer, subject to local legal restrictions, the following fee arrangements:

Hourly fees: We charge hourly rates in the traditional manner.

Flat fee: Describe your project to us and we will quote you a fixed amount for the full project. If we exceed the projected hours, we absorb the cost.

Success fee: If your deal succeeds, we are paid a percentage of the revenues you receive. Usually, we charge an appropriate initial fee to cover the costs of absorbing the relevant information about the matter.

Monthly packages: For new companies, we offer a start up package of services including basic agreement forms (employee, consultant, non-disclosure, prototype, term sheet, etc.), training on basic IP and forms, trade secret hygiene, invention disclosure forms and procedures, and office hours for questions from senior management. This all-inclusive approach encourages open communication with legal counsel. When the question is out of our area of expertise, we offer to find top experts to respond.

Equity participation: In some cases, we accept equity in place of fees on a complete or partial basis.

Combinations: We will consider a combination of any of the above arrangements.

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