Naoto Kuji

List of Lectures and Presentations since 2005 for countries other than Japan

18 June 2021
Japan Patent Office, Tokyo/Japan – Virtual Event
International Symposium on Intellectual Property – Initiatives to Solve Environmental Issues through WIPO Green
Participation in Panel Discussion

10 February 2017
Japan Institute for Promoting Invention & Innovation, Tokyo/Japan
Innovation at IoT Age in Japan, US and Europe (Symposium)
Challenges for Innovation in the 21st Century – a European Perspective
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16 September 2011
Lecturer, WIPO National Workshops on the Enforcement of IPRs, Jakarta, Indonesia
Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Strategies (Industry Cases Study)

5 September 2011
Speaker, Taiwan Institute of Invention and Innovation, Tokyo, Japan
Creation of a Brand

13 September 2011
Speaker, WIPO National Workshops on the Enforcement of IPRs, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Intellectual Property Right Infringement

23 October 2010
Lecturer,Protection of Intellectual Property and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Laws, Manila, Philippines
Enforcement of Intellectual Property (Trademark)
IP Strategy for Private Companies (Case Study: IP Strategy in My Company)

5 October 2010
Speaker, Promotion of Innovation through Effective Cooperation on Patent Examination, organized by WIPO, Bangkok, Thailand
Strategies of Businesses Enterprises to Effectively Protect Patent Rights and Benefit from Patent Systems in a Globalized Economy

20 October 2010
Speaker, Korea Invention Promotion Association, The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul, South Korea
IP Strategy

7 July 2010
Speaker, Tripartite Meeting (Japan, China and South Korea), South Korea
IP Strategy in Companies

5 December 2009
Speaker,Raising Public Awareness of IPR, organized by Intellectual Property India, Coimbatore, India
IPR awareness from International perspective

15 July 2009
Speaker, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), Thailand
Intellectual Property

2 June 2009
Speaker at Seminar, Malaysia Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO), Malaysia
Intellectual Property

27 November 2008
Speaker at Seminar, MARCUS EVANS Ltd, Singapore
Intellectual Property and Brand Protection

26 June 2008
Speaker, Governmental Office of Philippines, Philippines
Intellectual Property in Honda

14 December 2007
Speaker, WIPO-JIPA Conference on the Strategic Use of IP in Select Industries, Tokyo, Japan
Intellectual Property

9 November 2007
Speaker, Taller Regional de la OMPI sobre la redaccion de solicitudes de patentes para America Latina organized by World Customs Organization (WCO), Buenos Aires, Argentina

28 May 2007
Lecturer, National Workshop on IP Strategy for Universities and R&D Institutions, organized by WIPO in Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam
New Technologies and Intellectual Property
Collaborative Researches/investigations with Universities

21 March 2007
Speaker at Seminar, The American Chamber of Commerce, Beijing, China
The Differences in the Industry

1 December 2006
Speaker at Seminar, Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration (SIPA), Shanghai, China

4 October 2006
Speaker at Seminar, Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines
The Strategic Use of IP/How to Use IP

10 July 2006
Speaker at Seminar, National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Intellectual Property Strategies in Japanese Companies

18 December 2005
Speaker at Seminar, Chinese Trademark Association, Shenzhen, China
The Creation of a/the Brand

13 October 2005
Lecturer at Morning Seminar, Embassy of Belgium in Japan, Hotel Okura, Tokyo, Japan
Strategy to Infringement

9 June 2005
Speaker at Italy-Japan Business Group Meeting, Embassy of Italia in Japan, Tokyo Prince Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Protection of IP in International Markets

24 February 2005
Speaker at Seminar, Embassy of France in Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Intellectual Property Activities

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