Publications for Naoto Kuji


Trademark Management in Enterprises, 2011, published by Japan Patent Office, Asia-Pacific IP Center

Propagating Green Technology: A Japan Intellectual Property Association Proposal, Les Nouvelles, June 2011 (with Cynthia Cannady, co-author)

Serial of monthly magazine Wedge issued by Wedge Co., Ltd. Japan

October issue IP Strategy for Hunters
November issue Change of Strategy from hunted
December issue Tactics

January issue Level of local attorney in China
February issue Bribery in Central America
March issue Battle of IP in Eastern Asia countries
April issue IP activities in Africa
May issue Game plan with no registered right
June issue Simultaneous law suits in many countries against one counterfeit
July issue Direct confrontation with boss of Copy maker
August issue Too many infringement cases from emerging companies
September issue Patent trolls coming from financial world
October issue Technology transfer to a subsidiary company or a third party